Democracy Road? - Aung San Suu Kyi, buddhistisk nasjonalisme og pressefrihet i Myanmar

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Øremerkede midler til norsk journalistikk - søknadsfrist 10.11.

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Lærerseminar: Kildebevissthet og kritisk tenkning i en polarisert tid

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Lærerseminar: Kildebevissthet og kritisk tenkning i en polarisert tid
The Preben Munthe Fellowship Grant at Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism at Oxford has been awarded to freelance journalist Ingerid Salvesen for the period January–July 2018.

Salvesen (b. 1987) has worked as a foreign correspondent for NTB and as a magazine journalist for the financial daily Dagens Næringsliv. She has written for several of Norway's largest newspapers and has spent time at the German media house Die Welt. She also helped start the foreign affairs podcast "Du verden!". Salvesen has a master's degree from the Centre for Development and the Environment at the University of Oslo.
The New York Review of Books Foundation, the Dan David Prize and the Fritt Ord Foundation invite the public to the two-day conference 'Inequality, Immigration, and the Politics of Populism'. The conference will take place at the New York University School of Law, USA, 28-29 October 2017.

Populist parties and movements, mostly on the right, are becoming a powerful force in both the United States and Europe. The ascent of Donald Trump to the US presidency is the most spectacular electoral success in American history for a militant form of right-wing populism. The gains made by Alternative für Deutschland in the recent German elections mark the first time since 1945 that a populist party of the extreme right has achieved significant representation in the German Parliament.

RISK - Historien om Wikileaks og Julian Assange

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Støtte til manusutvikling av bøker

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Movies on War

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Satiretegning og dokumentarfoto

The October list of Fritt Ord's grants in response to ordinary applications for more than NOK 100 000 have now been published.

Among the recipients, we find several projects related to the image-related aspects of journalism. The Oslo National Institute of the Arts, Design Division, received NOK 800 000 for a four-year part-time position in satirical drawing, hiring the artist Siri Dokken in a 20% position. The Nobel Peace Centre received NOK 200 000 for the photo exhibition "Generation Wealth" by Lauren Greenfield, while Photographer Anne-Stine Johnsbråten received NOK 100 000 for manuscript development and the publication of photo book "Good Wife, Wise Mother – Women in Japan".

Support was also granted for TRD - the Trondheim Documentary Festival 2017 and the DOK18 Festival for Photojournalism and Documentary Photography in Fredrikstad. Photographer Terje Bringedal received NOK 30 000 for the photo project "The Island of Forgotten Women".

Norsk journalistikk oktober 2017

The first call for applications for the scheme 'Norwegian Journalism' resulted in about 50 applications for project support from Fritt Ord. The major grants (those for more than NOK 100 000) have now been processed, and a total of NOK 4 550 000 has been distributed among 16 projects. See the complete list here.

The Department of Information Science and Media Studies at the University of Bergen received MNOK 2 to establish a new Centre for Investigative Journalism. Sindre Leganger received NOK 120 000 for the podcast series "Vaterland" about young, Norwegian drug pushers in Oslo, while the Independent Barents Observer received NOK 200 000 for the project "Freedom of the Press Barents". Gateavisa received NOK 100 000 for the online TV series "Oslo's hidden erotic oases", and SKUP got NOK 100 000 for the Nordic Data SKUP conference. Helge Øgrim was granted NOK 100 000 for a project on asylum immigration to Norway, with a plan to publish in the online newspaper Minerva.



Digital News Report 2017 - Grete Brochmann, Nic Newman and Hallvard Moe Fritt Ord youtube 1.7751479289941 600 338





​For quite some time, the Fritt Ord Foundation has had media and journalism as one of its core target areas. In the demanding situation currently being experienced by the media and thereby by the public sphere as a whole, we aspire to do even more to support and promote high-quality journalism in several fields.

The programme 'Quality Journalism in a New Era' ran from 2015 to 2017, awarding 10 million NOK annually.

The programme 'Norwegian Journalism' will run from 2017 to 2020, and award 25 million NOK annually.


The Fritt Ord Foundation announces a call for applications for 10 annual grants of NOK 200 000 each for critics who write for daily or weekly newspapers, or who supply reviews to TV/radio. The grant scheme will provide aggregate funding of MNOK 6 over a three-year period.

Norwegian Journal of Photography

The Norwegian Journal of Photography was established in 2011 to serve as an arena where independent photographers who work in the interface between traditional press photography on the one hand and art photography on the other will be able to present the full scope of their projects. NJP brings together and supports selected Norwegian photographic documentary projects, and the first edition of the book was launched in February 2013.

Fritt Ord-konkurransen

The Fritt Ord Foundation Competition for upper secondary school is an annual competition that invites pupils to submit entries about freedom of expression and democracy. A special topic is highlighted each year, and participants' entries can be submitted either in the form of a text or a media production. The Fritt Ord Foundation organises seminars for teachers and offers school visits and supervision for participants.