Flemming Rose og Vebjørn Selbekk får Fritt Ords Honnør

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In Memoriam – Francis Sejersted

<strong>Francis Sejersted, former chair of the Fritt Ord Foundation's Board of Trustees, passed away in the early hours of Tuesday, 25 August. Sejersted chaired the Board of the Fritt Ord Foundation from 2000 to 2011.</strong>

Francis Sejersted slipped away quietly and peacefully in his home following a lengthy illness.

Georg Fredrik Rieber-Mohn, current chair of the Fritt Ord Foundation, pays tribute:

"Francis had a unique ability to see the big picture. He was exceptionally open to new ideas and initiatives, had great faith in the people around him, and invariably chose a path that called for courage and boldness. In controversial and difficult situations, he was a rock. Francis was exceedingly knowledgeable and well informed in most fields. He cultivated a very carefully considered attitude to freedom of expression as an idea and a principle", concludes Rieber-Mohn.

Francis Sejersted was born in 1936 and passed away at age 79. He was a member of the Norwegian Nobel Committee from 1982

Footage from the debate on JIHAD: A Story of the Others

On Tuesday 25 August the Fritt Ord Foundation and Fuuse hosted a screening of the documentary film JIHAD: A Story of the Others, by Emmy Award winning director Deeyah Khan.

Following the film, there was a moderated conversation about the film's key themes: extremism and deradicalization, as well as a short questions and answers session.

Footage from the conversation is published here and on the Fritt Ord Youtube-channel. The documentary film will be shown on NRK on Tuesday 29 September.



Fritt Ord-støttede filmer nominert til dokumentarpris

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Artikkel- og reportasjestøtte

A list has now been published of the minor grants awarded by the Fritt Ord Foundation in June 2015.

There are several article projects among the 94 grants allocated. Le Monde Diplomatique received NOK 20 000 for a Norwegian translation of the comic book report entitled "Kobane Calling" created by the Italian Zerocalcare about the civil war in Syria. Leiv Marsteintredet and Audun Solli received NOK 50 000 for a series of articles on the election in Venezuela, while Sara Eliassen received NOK 30 000 for a trip to Mexico City for reporting purposes. NOK 10 000 was also granted to Jon Færseth for his work on articles about conspiracy theories for the website FriTanke.

Gratulerer til Vibeke Løkkeberg og ‘DRONE’ med Amandapriser

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Fritt Ord-støttede dokumentarer vises i Haugesund

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The Preben Munthe Fellowship grant was established in 2014. The programme offers a unique opportunity for journalists living in Norway to study at Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism and the University of Oxford.

Preben Munthe (1922-2013) was Chair of the Board of Trustees for the Freedom of Expression Foundation, Oslo, from 1981 to 2000. He was a professor of Economics at the University of Oslo, chief state mediator, and held a number of directorships in the public sector as well as in business and industry.

Fritt Ord-konkurransen

The Fritt Ord Foundation Competition for upper secondary school is an annual competition that invites pupils to submit entries about freedom of expression and democracy. A special topic is highlighted each year, and participants' entries can be submitted either in the form of a text or a media production. The Fritt Ord Foundation organises seminars for teachers and offers school visits and supervision for participants.


The Fritt Ord Foundation invites applications for annual subsidies for literature programmes at Norwegian public libraries. The objective of the call for applications is to strengthen libraries as an arena for communications and to arouse interest in reading and the literary debate. Libraries, organisations and private individuals can apply and the annual deadline is in June.

Store norske leksikon

Store norske leksikon (Norway's leading encyclopaedia) transitioned from being a major reference work found on the bookshelves of countless Norwegian homes to being a free online encyclopaedia in 2009. The Fritt Ord Foundation andSavings Bank Foundation DnB took the initiative to continue Store norske leksikon (the Great Norwegian Encyclopaedia), Norsk biografisk leksikon (Norwegian Biographical Encyclopaedia) and Store medisinske leksikon (The Great Medical Encyclopaedia) in summer 2010. consists of signed encyclopaedia articles written by qualified experts.