Utlysning: FutureLab Europe 2015 – The Council of Young European Citizens

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20 Feb
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Ytringsfrihet under sterkt press

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GOOD PITCH EUROPE 2015 Project Line Up Announced

Good Pitch Europe 2015 will take place at the Oslo Opera House on 25 March. It connects the world’s best social justice films with new allies and partners. Good Pitch Europe is made by BRITDOC and is supported by Fritt Ord Foundation and other Nordic partners.

The European line up of filmmakers who will be traveling to participate in the live event include Ilse & Femke van Velzen (A Haunting History), Burcu Melekoglu & Vuslat Karan (Blue ID), Dylan Williams & Erik Pauser (The Borneo Case), Mike Day (The Island and the Whales), Peter Middleton & James Spinney (Notes on Blindness), Kari Anne Moe (Rebels!), and Henry Singer & Rob Miller (The Trial of Ratko Mladic).


Fritt Ord, HL-senteret og Raftostiftelsen arrangerer kurs for lærere
Forslag til Fritt Ords Pris 2015



Fotografifestivalen Dokfoto

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‘World Woman’, 30.-31. januar

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Støtte til litteraturformidling

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Rebels! Selected for Good Pitch in Oslo

The Norwegian filmmaker Kari Anne Moe has been selected to pitch her film project Rebels! (Pøbler) at Good Pitch Europe on 25 March 2015.

Rebels! follow the people behind Europe's bleak unemployment statistics. We know that in the EU, one in six people aged 18-24 drop out before completing high school. In Norway those figures are one in three. By focusing on four youths in a group of 22 high school drop outs, Kari Anne Moe gives these kids a voice, and explores their hopes and dreams for the future.

Fuglene (The Birds) is the producer of the film project. The Fritt Ord Foundation has provided a total of NOK 400 000 in support for the film.



Store norske leksikon

Store norske leksikon (Norway's leading encyclopaedia) transitioned from being a major reference work found on the bookshelves of countless Norwegian homes to being a free online encyclopaedia in 2009. The Fritt Ord Foundation andSavings Bank Foundation DnB took the initiative to continue Store norske leksikon (the Great Norwegian Encyclopaedia), Norsk biografisk leksikon (Norwegian Biographical Encyclopaedia) and Store medisinske leksikon (The Great Medical Encyclopaedia) in summer 2010. SNL.no consists of signed encyclopaedia articles written by qualified experts.


Status for ytringsfriheten i Norge – Fritt Ords monitorprosjekt

The project "Status of freedom of expression in Norway – the Fritt Ord Foundation's Monitor Project", is being headed by the Institute for Social Research on commission for the Fritt Ord Foundation and it will run until the end of 2014. The partners are the Department of Media and Communication (IMK) at the University of Oslo, Fafo, TNS Gallup and lawyer Jon Wessel-Aas. The project tracks the conditions for freedom of expression, and will focus on four major processes of change: Globalisation and multi-culturalism, digitisation and a different media reality, monitoring and control, and managerialism.


Fritt Ords studentstipend

In collaboration with a number of Norwegian universities and university colleges, the Fritt Ord Foundation calls for applications for grants for students who are working on master's theses and documentary films in fields such as human rights, journalism, freedom of expression and democracy building. See below for a list of the current offerings. The call for applications per se is located on the websites of the respective institutions, and applications should be sent directly to the relevant faculties.

Norwegian Journal of Photography

The Norwegian Journal of Photography was established in 2011 to serve as an arena where independent photographers who work in the interface between traditional press photography on the one hand and art photography on the other will be able to present the full scope of their projects. NJP brings together and supports selected Norwegian photographic documentary projects, and the first edition of the book was launched in February 2013.